Statewide Protective Services located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Statewide is an “Exceeding Expectations” company and is leading the way to providing the best wide rage of services among the security guard companies in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. We  offer professional security guards and personal security specialist services, to include investigation services, camera systems, patrol service with alarm response service, and security officer and private citizen training classes. Statewide Protective Services is a recognized expert security guard company by demonstrating the quality one on one professional service to each and every client who we serve and operates a business, industry, hotel properties, apartment complex, health care, manufacturing, construction, entertainment venues, property management, retail outlets, special events, and government.

With cumulative security guard management experience of over 20 years, Statewide Protective Services has carefully built a reputation around Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus Ohio for providing highly professional, reliable security guard service predicated on solid preparation of personnel, a demand for excellence in security guard performance, and for instilling the value of proactive intervention whenever possible. Successfully mitigating risk and liability is what Statewide Protective Services is about and, everyday, wherever we are our services are utilized.

Our capabilities; qualifications and technical expertise are exemplary. However, we understand the significant role of security guard services in the Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus Ohio area need to be completely flexible to meet changing security guard needs of each individual client and the services they have requested.  Our communication tools, technology and expertise detailed in our proposals,shows that we provide the necessary tools to create and maintain a partnership for a successfully implemented and maintained security guard solution for your investment, personal protection ans piece of mind anywhere in the tri-state area.

Most importantly, our people are simply the best security guard personnel throughout the State of Ohio.  Hiring, training and retaining highly qualified security guards can make the difference for the successful operation in choosing a security company for a specific security guard contract .Statewide Protective Services is truly committed to providing the leadership necessary to serve as a client liaison for our clients and are dedicated to meet all your security guard needs.



We offer a verity of services to meet every aspect of the security industry. Please scroll thru the items below and see what service we provide best meets your needs. If you do not see a service listed below you may be interested in, please contact our office so that we may see if we are able to accommodate you. Consultations are free and available by appointment for implementation of our services to your business or personal investments. This consultation will include cost and the outline of services requested. If you have any other further questions or would like to schedule an appointment we welcome you to do so. Thank you for your interest.

Armed Security Officers

Unarmed Security Officers

Marked/Unmarked Vehicle Patrol Service

Bike Patrol Service

Funeral /Escort Services (Covered by Patrol Unit)

Daily/Nightly Officer Activity Reports

Computerized Officer Tracking System (Detex)

Event Security

Alarm Response (Covered by Patrol Division)

Body Guard Services

Investigation Services

Surveillance Services

Background Investigations

Personal Injury

Workers Compensation Fraud

Insurance Fraud

Internal & External Workplace Theft

Suspicious Activities this is to include drug investigation



Statewide Protective Services located in Cincinnati, Ohio and was founded in 2007 by a police officer who wanted to provide the same if not better quality of  security service to the private industry and be held to the highest standard of excellence in both the private and public sector of the Law Enforcement community. Also offering training to both those in the field of Law Enforcement, Private Security and persons who are interested in advanced self protection.

Statewide Protective Services every year strives to “Exceed Expectations” of is clients and provide Cincinnati-Dayton-Columbus area with the best professional security company they will ever need. Statewide Protective Services is a recognized company by many other organizations such as the Apartment Association.

Statewide employees are comprised of security professionals, current and retired police officers that have extensive back ground and education in the security and law enforcement industry. Statewide Protective Services has an on-site training academy so this its employees along with others interested may stay up to date on their training. This is important as the world and its laws, practices and all related things change.

We feel that our motto speaks for itself. “Exceeding Expectations” Statewide Protective Services could be your sole provider for all of your Security and Law Enforcement needs. We would like for you for you to give us a try and see that we “Exceeded your Expectations” 

Greater Cincinnati’s locally recognized and trusted security agency since 2007. Statewide provides many services from patrol services to camera systems, investigations and much more. Choosing a security company is an important decision and having quality one on one service is also important. Choosing Statewide to be your security provider gives us the opportunity to live up to our name. “Exceeding Expectations”



Ask Our Team

“We have worked with Statewide Protective Services for the past year. As we have grown and evolved, what I have valued most about our relationship is that Statewide Protective Services know us and our business.”



We think of our customers a partners and we are always looking for long term relationships in our area.


At Statewide Protective Services we will try our best to exceed your expectations.